Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII: Rewriting A New Hope

Star Wars Episode VII has officially become the movie with the largest opening weekend of all time in the United States with US$240 million made from ticket sales, beating Jurassic World's US$208.4 million.

And it's not surprising. Despite all the apprehensions that some of us may have had at the choice of JJ Abrams as director and George Lucas' supposed disappointment over the direction of Episode VII, it was a fun ride from start to finish with never a dull moment and a ton of "I didn't see that coming" moments. 

So here's our take on why it worked, what didn't work, and what we feel we will see in the Star Wars Episode VIII.

Suffice to say: Spoilers Ahead:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Negativity Jar

I have a Negativity Jar.

A Negativity Jar functions just like a Swear Jar. But instead of fining myself for cursing, I started fining myself for every negative thought I had or voiced - particularly voiced because negatively is contagious.

So I set out to fine myself PhP 1 - not a really large amount - for every negative thought or negativity that I would voice.

What scared me was that just after three days, I was at PhP 63. Or 21 negative thoughts or statements within a span of three days. Almost 1 per hour - more if you remove the hours spent asleep and take into consideration the possibility that I did not catch all my negative thoughts and words.

I thought that was quite a number, and if you're trying to live your life based upon what we can pick off from the Secret, then that was 63 draws of negative energy that was literally drowning me.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fantastic Four 2015

My thoughts on the new Fantastic Four movie.

Director: Josh Trank

Writing Credits  
  • Simon Kinberg ... (screenplay) &
  • Jeremy Slater ... (screenplay) &
  • Josh Trank ... (screenplay)

Cast (in credits order)  
  • Miles Teller - Reed Richards
  • Michael B. Jordan -Johnny Storm
  • Kate Mara - Sue Storm
  • Jamie Bell  - Ben Grimm / The Thing
  • Toby Kebbell - Victor Von Doom / Dr. Doom
  • Reg E. Cathey - Dr. Franklin Storm

I don’t remember where or when it was said, but there was once a discussion as to why the Fantastic Four is debatably the most powerful superhero team in the Marvel Universe. Yes they don’t have thunder-gods, ninja-assassins or Omega-Level Masters of Magnetism (Well they do have someone who can burn with the full power of an exploding sun), but they were one thing no Marvel team was: they were a “Family”. 

And that simple fact seems to have been lost in Josh Trank’s version of the Fantastic Four.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Ranee Margo Louis Battalion (Part 4)

A dark shadow eclipsed the Archer's cockpit and Curtis jerked as the deafening roar of jumpjets rattled his ride. Suddenly the massive shape of Alex Spencer's Withworth dropped from the air right above the charging Hatchetman with the deafening clang of metal!

"You idiot Alex!"

Bishop 4, the team's newest recruit had probably just saved his commander by executing a "Death from Above" maneuver: It was a risky, destructive maneuver performed only by the desperate, foolhardy, or the stupid. The air seemed to endlessly reverberate with the gut-wrenching shriek of metal tearing into metal.Curtis grimaced as the forty ton Withworth's left leg crudely cut through the Hatcheman's hatchet wielding right arm, dropping the limb like a dead weight.

But it was the damage that the Withworth's right leg that caused that mattered the most as it completely flattened the Hatchetman's elongated cockpit, The Withworth's flat feet crushed the upper jaw of the enemy 'Mech's toothy smile, and a splash of crimson appeared over the lower jaw - marking the demise of the COMSTAR 'Mechwarrior.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ranee Margo Louis Battalion (Part 3)

"Bishop Three! Status!" Curtis shouted over the comm-link. The status panel for Bishop Three showed that the 'mech was still functional, but it did not say anything about the pilot. Curtis' concern for the young pilot was abruptly cut by a blaring target-lock warning followed by a silent searing bright cerulean beam from the COMSTAR Pheonix Hawk that slashed through the armor on Aura Deva's arm.

"SHIT!" Cursed Jackson as his battle-computer displayed the loss of nearly half-a-ton of precious armor from his 'mech's left arm.

"So much for diplomacy!"

Curtis jerked Aura Deva's upper torso to the left, bringing the far-deadlier Hatchetman into his sights.

"Adara! The Hawk! Lex! You're with me!" He ordered over the comm-link. Curtis did not wait for an acknowledgement and braced for the heat-surge as he released another fusillade of Deathbloom LRMs. The Hatchetman's pilot also seemed to realize that Curtis' seventy-ton Archer was the greatest threat on the field. It raised the deadly Titanium Hatchet built into its right arm in challenge and triggered another leap this time roaring towards Curtis' position! Curtis' LRM's failed to follow the rising 'mech  and cratered the ground where the Hatchetman once stood. A fifteen-percent hit was pock-marked the Hatchetman's spindly legs, but they failed to impair the 'mech's advance.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Steps back to Sanity - originally posted as a Note on Facebook, October, 2010

I just read the wiki on Jonathan Larson, creator, composer, songwriter behind Rent. Did you know that he never got to see it performed? He died of an undiagnosed problem before the curtains first rose on Rent. I found it interesting though that the play revolved around him. His life. His experiences. He dated a dancer who left him for several men but kept coming back eventually leaving him for another woman. Rodger was a room-mate.  

I did something very similar in a “rush” situation during my college days. My dearest friends needed a play to pass literature class for Shakespeare week. I was feeling nostalgic  over Les Miserables and had created a piece of offal that Carlos Carino outright rejected – and I don’t blame him – he did give us a second chance though but I was too busy dealing with Ria and her move to ostracize me from her life – one friendship I have never been able to rekindle. In the end I took the anger, frustration and Ria’s choice last words to me and built a play around it. “I need a friend who’s here, even if he’s just a friend as long as he’s here.” Even my reaction was put into the pot “What the hell does that mean?” Personally I still don’t get what she needed or what the drama was all about. Dense? Maybe. But I don’t get it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ranee Margo Louis Battalion (Part 2)

Adara's company monitor indicated that Major Dorne had split his tank column up into two groups. A lance of medium tanks was skirting it's way at flank speed leaving behind the main column of heavy tanks and technical support units. The mediums would reach their position within five minutes, the main-body would make it in around ten.

Plenty of time for the battle to swing either way.

Being not to keep on the idea of being involved in close-quarter-combat, Adara had wanted to protest Hauptmann Jackson's decision to send the Knights back. They could seriously use their help against the COMSTAR QRL. While they were all veterans - except for Alex - this was the first time for the lance to be in actual combat. And while Curtis Jackson may be one of the original survivors of the Ranee Margo, he was untested as a CO. The lack of a meshed unit could very well lead to the destruction of their lance and their deaths. Hauptmann Jackson's unorthodox methods did not inspire confidence in the young Leftenant.

Unfortunately there was no time to argue tactics.

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